Meet the Poupette+Paulette family!     


Poupette en Paulette is a Belgian brand started with 2  mommy's who believed that an enchanted world is a better world. 

Don't worry if you catch me dreaming. Daydreaming about an own collection of kids designs became reality when i started to draw this collection together with a friend. The collection of dolls, pillows, poufs and duvet covers was colorful and joyful just as I wanted it to be. And there is much more to come if you like it.

Follow us and let our story become enchanting for our favourite people in the world.The Poupette & Paulette designs must inspire kids to invent their own magical story. We want them to be swept away in a world where bambis and lions live together in harmony and where giant unicorns and sloths are not imaginary friends but sweet giants you can cuddle and trust with your best kept secrets. We are dreaming of more poupette and Paulette products.


Have a Dreamy Day!